Reading Guides & Activities

See below for discussion questions, historical background, suggestions for research, and book-related activities. Margi loves to know what activities you’re doing in your classrooms and libraries! Send her an email and she’ll to post them here in the future.


West of the moon

“What is it that makes us human?”

Discussion questions and research suggestions available in the readers guide.

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Heart of a Samurai

Thanks to Lisa Wattai and Jennifer Windeler for developing these Visible Thinking Routines for Rochester, Michigan’s Authors in April program. The student work from this program was amazing!

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The Bamboo Sword

Is it fair that Yoshi cannot be a samurai because he was born into the wrong class?

Further questions for discussion available in the readers guide.

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Shadow on the Mountain

“What is the shadow on the mountain?”

Historical background, research suggestions, and discussion questions available in the readers guide.

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Storm’s Coming!

How did lighthouse keepers and their children know whether a storm was on its way? By reading signs in nature! Have fun and learn the signs with this fortune teller designed by illustrator David Geister.

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