School Visits & Workshops


My school presentations are lively, interactive, Powerpoint-enhanced sessions with a lot of Q&A back and forth. We discuss reading, writing, research and revision, with a really big emphasis on reading, and why it is one of the most important things you’ll do in your life.

Presentations can be adapted to each group. If classes or schools have been reading one of my books, I will focus on that book, discussing its specific research, writing and revision (featuring the “towering stack of drafts”), the true story behind the story, and lots of pictures of the real people and places that inspired the story. Writing tips from my dog--always a favorite! Plus: lots of time for questions!


Grade levels

4 – 8: Novels. Curricular tie-ins: Japan/Asia, Norway, WWII and resistance activities, Immigration, Folk and Fairy Tales Session length: 45-55 minutes

K – 3: Picture books. Curricular tie-ins: trees, wildflowers, weather, peace between nations, Japan. Session length: 30 minutes


Book Sales

Book Sales help to make a visit really special. I will happily sign and personalize books while at your school.

Order books through a local bookseller or through my publisher.

Near the Twin Cities, I often work with Red Balloon Bookshop or Addendum Books in St. Paul or Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis. In northeastern Minnesota, I work with The Bookstore at Fitgers. Most book stores offer a discount to schools.



  • A screen or white wall for my Ppt presentation
  • Stand or small table for my iPad. I bring my own iPad and connector cable, and need to have the iPad near me. If this is an issue, I may be able to bring a projector.
  • For a larger group of 70 or more or if the room has poor acoustics, a microphone may be needed.


Email me for more information

I also offer writing workshops and enjoy speaking at libraries and for conferences.

Writing Workshops

A few examples of many possible options; appropriate for all ages.




Skype Visits

I offer free, 20 minute Skype visits for groups who have read or are reading one of my books. I prefer to do Skype visits on Wednesday afternoons between 12pm and 3pm, Central Standard Time (CST) but let me know if this time doesn’t work for you. Please email me if you’d like to set up a Skype visit.


School Visit FAQs

Skype Visit FAQs

Event Flyer

Please accept our sincere thanks for meeting with Ranney's sixth graders today, Mrs. Preus. You are so patient with the kids and they were certainly informed and entertained.
Loren Gormly / Ranney Middle School
Margi! Your talent and creative writing inspired our young authors . . . We would love to have you back again to share your love of writing with our students.
Kris Teberg / Principal of Lakewood Elementary
I very much enjoyed your presentation . . . You did such a nice job working in all aspects of writing, research and reading.
Martha Bisek / Dakota County Heritage Library
Margi was wonderfully engaging during our Skype visit! My 4th grade students were thrilled . . . Margi shared insights into her writing process and discussed the complex process of research when writing historical fiction. I highly recommend a Skype visit with Margi!
Joan Young, 4th Grade Teacher / Menlo Park, CA
Margi is so interesting! Loved hearing about her creative process.
Library Patron
Totally wonderful and inspiring. Margi is an excellent presenter.
Library Patron
Margi was very interesting and fun to listen to. This was a joy!
Library Patron
Your presentation was wonderful . . . we all enjoyed and learned from it . . . especially how you talked about the impact reading can have on your life and how it can inspire new ideas.
Gretchen Rusch, J.W. Smith / Bemidji
Margi is an outstanding presenter and a group of enthusiastic library patrons were totally enthralled with her program. Her presentation was fun, funny, and engaging. Patrons would gladly come again.
Carol Plocher / Delano Public Library